ZOO Bratislava


Admission fees

tigre na skale

ZOO + DinoPark

(April 1st – Sep. 30th)

(Oct. 1st – March 31st)


     5,50 €    

4,- €

Entry costs:**




4,- €

3,- €

*Children (3 - 15 years old), seniors, students (16 - 26 years with valid student card), disabled - adults
**Children under 3 years, disabled - children, disabled with guide (children and adults), pedagogical supervisors with school groups (1 adult cost-free for 10 children) Supervisors are obligated to escort the group for the whole duration of the visit in the Zoo.

We do not offer group discounts.

Dinopark is opened during winter season, Dinosaurs replicas are stationary and without sound, 3D cinema is closed down.

Bratislava City Card (valid only for City Card holders, throughout the whole year): 20% discount (cards were issued by BKIS in 2005) Bratislava City Card: 20% discount for card holder for all types of entrance tickets Cards for cultural events are not valid in our Zoo It is possible to pay by credit cards.

Bratislava City Card (valid only for holders of City Card, during the whole year): discount 20% (cards were issued by BKIS in 2005).
It is possible to pay by credit cards.

Non-transferable annual tickets
Adults annual ticket (valid 1 year): 40,- €
Children (3 - 6 years old) annual ticket (valid with annual ticket for an adult): 10,- €
Children (3-15 years old) annual ticket, students, seniors: 35,- €  
Annual tickets are valid 1 year from the date of purchase.

In summer, we offer our visitors:
Family ticket (2 adults and 2 children): 15,50 €
Transferable season tickets:
Adults (10 visits for 1 person, or 1 visit for 10 persons): 40,- €  
Children (3-15 years), students, seniors ( 10 visits for 1 person, or 1 visit for 10 persons): 30,- € 
Transferable season tickets are valid until March 31st next year from the day of purchase.

Special offer - gift tickets for 1 visit, valid 6 months from the date of purchase
Children: 4,- €
Adults: 5,50 €
Family: 17,-€

It is not possible to enter the area with a dog, bike, or on roller skates.