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A new addition in the Buff-cheeked Gibbon family (Nomascus gabriellae)

On February 17 2017, a Buff-cheeked Gibbon was born in our Zoo. It is the fifth offspring of this species born in our Zoo. The sex of the newborn is not yet known. Motherīs name is Bany (born October 21 2006 in Olomouc Zoo), she was transported to Bratislava Zoo in April 2013 from the Spanish Fuengirola Zoo. Fatherīs name is Oliver (born May 24 2001 in Bratislava Zoo). It is the second offspring for this breeding pair, their first one was born July 30 2014 and lives with its parents and new sibling in the same enclosure.
Bany managed the birth brilliantly and has been caring well for her second baby by cleaning, nursing, and keeping it warm. 

 buff-cheeked gibbon buff-cheeked gibbon