ZOO Bratislava


New face of the ZOO

ZOO is mostly visited by families with children. If you used to visit the Bratislava ZOO with your kids in the past and since then you have not, it´s time to change it! The Bratislava ZOO has significantly changed its appearance. The wider history of our ZOO, breeding success and the crackdown in its life you can read more in the section History of the ZOO.

1959 budovanie zoo
Building the ZOO, year 1959















ZOO transformation in time is not just about creating new buildings and importing new exotic species. The comfort of every visit of the ZOO has changed and there is also a different perception of animals by humans.


pavilon seliem pavilon seliem teraz
 Old cages of carnivores.  New Pavilion of carnivores
ťavy starý výbeh ťavy les
Camel enclosure near the road. New enclosure for camels in the forest part of the ZOO.

 In the past, the cages were designed so that the visitor saw the animal very well, but carelessly on the animal welfare. There were mostly cages with grills and it was very difficult to take a photo of the animal. Now visitors can quietly watch animals, take photos easily because enclosures are adapted. Animals can hide in vegetation or inside the shelter if they want to. ZOO keepers also enrich animal lives with everyday activities (enrichment) to do not suffer from boredom. As a rule, more intelligent animals are more likely to get bored.

tiger stara fotografia pohľad na mačkovité šelmy teraz
View of the feline in an old cage. View of the feline in the new Pavilion of carnivores

 Fortunately, now most visitors do not complain that, for example, they don´t see a lion during their visit of the ZOO. They are glad to see him resting in the shadow under the bunk.

 Now people understand that the ZOO does not keep animals closed in cages and earn money, because the truth is, that almost no zoo in the world could feed on entrance fee. The main task of zoos is to save endangered species of animals. They are a gene reservoir and help to reproduce critically endangered animal species, such as Scimitar-horned Oryx.

A limiting factor in changing of the zoo are the funds. Sometimes just a little change is enough and the visitor has a better feeling from the visiting ZOO. In recent years we have enriched our ZOO with an exotic garden at the beggining area, there is also an insect hotel and a farm yard were you can see and feed many farm animals. The lastest thing in our ZOO is a new playground with ropes named „Children Reservation". We also offer very popular feeding with comments during weekends.

šimpanzy v starej klietke šimpanzy pavilon primatov PAVILON VONKAJSI VYBEH
View of chimpanzees in the old cage View of chimpanzees in the Primate house Outdoor enclosure of chimpanzees  

 Every day, zoo staff try ZOO to be the best place for breeding animals and the most inviting place for relaxing people.



záhrada lanové ihrisko sedliacky dvor pavilon primatov
Exotic garden „Children Reservation" - playground with ropes Farm Yard Primate House